Homicide count spiking in Philadelphia again

On July 1st, I looked at the “Crime Maps and Stats” page at the Philadelphia Police web site, which reported 115 homicides in our city during the first six months of the year, exactly on pace with 2014.

Today, the site shows 144 victims vs. 132 on the same date last year. In other words, 29 homicide victims have been reported since July 1st, which represents a 70 percent increase vs. the same period last year, when 17 people were killed, according to the same site now.

We’re paralyzing the city in the name of safety during the Pope’s visit while nobody takes responsibility for the endless epidemic of homicide by gunfire killing our citizens.

The traumatic effects reporting on tragedy can have on journalists

In order to tell a restorative narrative, or any semblance of accurate narrative, understanding the psychological weight of the material is imperative. When the storyteller acknowledges the magnitude of the traumatic material, s/he can use that acknowledgement as both additional information in understanding the story they are telling and as the first step in preventing the deleterious effects of exposure to trauma on themselves. -via poynter.org