Smooth paddling

Paddle boarders pass sailboats moored on Lake Champlain off Burlington, Vermont last week.

This trip also took me through upstate New York to Montreal, back through Vermont to Boston and Cape Cod, and finally through New York City and back home to Philadelphia.

Instant summer in Philadelphia

After a long, cold winter and not-so-warm spring, it is suddenly hot in Philadelphia this weekend, but that’s OK because summer also means almost constant events here in the nation’s second-largest downtown.

I haven’t been posting still photos lately because I have been more focused on new live mobile video apps, but this weekend I took pictures while also streaming the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby on Saturday, seen above, and the Procession of the Saints in South Philadelphia on Sunday morning:

Oklahoma City Bombing

Twenty years ago today I was on my way to cover the Oklahoma City Bombing for the Philadelphia Daily News. Due to a wave of extreme weather sweeping across the US, I had to change planes in Atlanta and Dallas, and I didn’t find myself close to the incident scene until shortly before dawn on the following morning – when I took the photo above, of investigators examining the damage.

The most historic photo from the event was already on newsstands by the time I arrived, and the onslaught of media and federal officials made it very difficult to find a hotel room or rental car, but I was getting by. It was also my first mass casualty event, and although it was many years later before I began to understand, it was an exceptionally traumatic event for many of us who were covering it.

Flat Don Draper

The iconic Mad Men logo — featuring a cigarette-smoking silhouette of main character Don Draper — has been fashioned into a bench and was recently installed in the sidewalk in front of the Time-Life Building on Sixth Avenue in New York City, just across the Street from Radio City Music Hall.

Easter in Philadelphia

Bunnies hopped out of a hot rod with a basket filed with colored eggs to celebrate Easter, just off of South Street in Philadelphia Sunday afternoon.

Slushy equinox

A worker clears wet snow from the sidewalk Friday afternoon on Market Street in the Center City section of Philadelphia. Falling snow and high winds marked the first day of spring in the city.

Nasty afternoon, Center City Philadelphia:

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Furry situation

A climber attempts to lure a cat from a tree Wednesday on the the Temple University campus. Below: Dozens of people gathered.

.@TempleUniv students gather as one climber tries to lure a cat down from a high tree branch with some food just now:

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Later: @TempleUniv tweeted that the cat was free.