Spring Break at Temple

Heavy snow falls late Thursday morning on the main campus of Temple University in North Philadelphia, seen above. Most of the students are away this week on spring break.

In Center City:

Philadelphia City Hall SEPTA stop might as well be a ski jump:

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Reflecting on Rittenhouse

Upside-down photos show reflections on Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square, seen in slushy puddles one day after a recent snowstorm.

One more inverted picture from a slushy puddle on Rittenhouse Square this afternoon:

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Snowfall cloaks Philadelphia skyline

Falling snow cloaked much of the Philadelphia skyline in this view captured Saturday afternoon from a parking garage at North Broad and Arch Streets. The steeples of the Masonic Temple can be seen at the bottom of the image with the Philadelphia City Hall tower and William Penn statue at top, left. Photograph by Jim MacMillan.

The First Troop

The First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry of the Pennsylvania National Guard parades across Broad Street in Philadelphia Friday Night. It is the oldest active military unit in the United States and originally George Washington’s personal security detail.

Illuminating words

A lighted sculpture entitled Ars Mendendi glows on the campus of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Just a dusting in Philadelphia

A blizzard had been predicted but we woke up with just a dusting this morning here in the Washington West section of Philadelphia. (More photos: Wash West News)

Paying it forward in Philadelphia

Customers check out notes on the wall Saturday night at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Center City Philadelphia.

When you order a slice at Rosa’s, you will be invited to pre-purchase another slice for a homeless Philadelphian and leave a note of your own behind.

The restaurant has been handing out about thirty to forty slices per day over the past eight months, totalling about 8,500 slices altogether, according to a report from ellentv.com.

If you can’t get there in person, you can now make online purchases of slices to give away.