Tweet this book

Attytood blogger, friend and colleague Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News is sharing that requisite social media enlightenment post we all have to do and I would be giving him grief for coming so late, except that I was not so much ahead of him.

Will’s most interesting point for me – a new, self-appointed master of economically sustainable independent entrepreneurial journalism through social media models yada yada – is that he seems to be making more ground promoting his new book via a Facebook group than within his long-established blog.

Simultaneously, I started my own first personal blog just recently, and while I feel more immediately connected via Facebook and Twitter – and to a lesser extent, LinkedIn – I think the comparatively old-school blog is an essential personal foundation for longer, enduring and searchable posts, and that anybody who thinks new social media platforms suffice alone might just be mistaken. Hundreds of people come to my month-old blog every day, apparently looking for more than 140 characters; so, why should I let them down?
bunchMeanwhile, Bunch’s new book – Tear Down This Myth: How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics and Haunts Our Future – can be ordered now.

From Bunch: The image of Reagan was all but hijacked by an ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party in the late 1990s when its movement was at low ebb, lacking in new ideas and charismatic candidates. Amazingly, they’ve managed to whitewash both what was horrible about Reagan’s record (the growing gap between rich and poor, the Constitutional abuses of Iran-contra, and ignoring of homelessness and AIDS) and a few things that were actually pretty good (his willingness to talk with the Soviets and other enemies, reluctance to use force that would cause civilian collateral damage, which he called “terrorism itself,” and pragmatism on some other issues) to create a Reagan who never existed, who would continue to cut taxes no matter how large the debt and who believed not just in a strong military but in throwing its weight around.

You can order this book via Amazon now.