They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships


Two men cast wreaths into Gloucester Harbor after Thursday funeral services for Matteo Russo and John Orlando, two Gloucester fishermen who died at sea last weekend.

I was in Gloucester to accompany a Tufts University student who has been working on a story for my urban photojournalism workshop at the Exposure Center for Photojournalism at the Institute for Global Leadership.

While the student attended the funeral along with local residents she met this week, I went to take some photos and pay my respects alone at the Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial.

1716478Instead, I found photojournalists from The Gloucester Times and The Boston Globe waiting at the monument, where they told me that they expected to see the funeral procession drive past, on the way from the church to the burial services.

The procession paused and family members watched from limousines while two men with wreaths stepped out unexpectedly and tossed them into the sea without a word.

The historic fishing city has lost over 10,000 to the Atlantic Ocean since it was founded in 1623.