Twitter is redefining spot news

The About page on Janis Krums’ blog  – Think Big – says he is “interested in learning something new every day” and – based on his Twitter feed – I think it is safe to say that Thursday did not disappoint.

Janis Krums knows when to Tweet.

Janis Krums knows when to Tweet.

Moments after US Airways Flight 1549, an Airbus 320, made a water landing in the Hudson River, Krums twittered: There’s a plane in the Hudson. I’m on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy.


Krums posted to

In case having the presence of mind to communicate isn’t impressive enough, he also grabbed a photo – apparently with a camera phone – and posted it to Twitpic.

This reminded me about the Twitterer who survived last month’s crash landing in Denver, but – though he was more expressive – that guy didn’t have any photos.

Note to self: Twitpic went down like – add your cliche here – and didn’t come back for about an hour. Twitpic is NOT the solution in this scenario.

Note to Krums: I know of at least three photo editors who were looking to buy rights to your photo ASAP, but you weren’t getting – or responding to – your email and hadn’t posted your phone number anywhere we could find.

One of the potential buyers kept typing “$$$” signs in my IM window, hoping I could help, but I think the picture was losing value by the minute, certainly as it was being reposted in numerous blogs, including at least one large commercial site.

Of course the most important and amazing matter is that rescuers saved more than 150 passengers and crew members. (The plane may have flown into a flock of birds.)

Krums’ Twitter profile says he is “Always working on the Next Big Thing” and he did not disappoint. The Internet is pretty much flooded with pictures now, but nothing like our man on the scene delivered.

Earlier Thursday – after I Twittered about a SWAT team incident in northeast Philadelphia – one of my followers informed me of his objection to using Twitter as a spot news hub. I considered his opinion and responded but – after this afternoon – I don’t think it can be denied.