Daily Tweet Digest: 01.17.09

The Haddonfield Dinosaur
The Haddonfield Dinosaur
  • I went to a party in Haddonfield, NJ, tonight but why do they have a dinosaur statue in the middle of town? 
  • Google analytics says my blog traffic is +1,405.26% in visits, in my 2nd month vs. my 1st. Thanks all! This won’t be easy to repeat! #
  • Monday at noon: Brandywine Peace King Day peace demo in Valley Forge: http://is.gd/ggX1 
  • Happy 303rd Birthday Ben Franklin! I commemorated the date with a video last year: http://is.gd/ggPJ #
  • Wow, check out this beautiful take on the usually maligned city of Camden, NJ: http://ping.fm/IZ3qq #
  • Israel declares Gaza cease-fire: http://is.gd/ggEl #
  • Watching excited throngs along Obama train route on CNN now, I’m feeling like Philly got ripped off without a public event. Not even a wave? #
  • http://twitpic.com/13ueu – Hi, thanks for all the views: I just reposted my picture with some commentary here: http://is.gd/gf1d #
  • First pic anywhere. Obama train leaves Philly: http://twitpic.com/13ueu #
  • Still waging for Obama train: http://twitpic.com/13u9h #
  • Still awaiting Obama train. Air traffic over Philly is conspicuously absent. #
  • Waiting for Obama train in Philly: http://twitpic.com/13tq2 #
  • I found about 100 ppl waiting to see the Obama train on Schuylkill Ave near Walnut Street. Good view! #
  • Just found about 100 ppl outside 30th Street Station for Obama event; police, protesters and guys hawking souvies. #
  • I am on the subway going to see the Obama train, so late and so cold but feeling lucky. #
  • Check the comments on this toy ad before Amazon pulls them: http://is.gd/f6os #