Police take down Occupy Philly

Philadelphia Police took down the last of Occupy Philly early Wednesday morning. Most of the protesters marched away when officials delivered the final arrest warning, leaving riot police without much to do. Everything was peaceful for the two hours that I was there but I have heard reports of disturbances and arrests after I left. Photos ©2011 by Jim MacMillan – Free for nonprofit use. 

Demonstrators march off. This is a frame grab from an iPhone video.

A police bicycle patrol heading toward the encampment was my first hint of action.

At least two bus loads of riot police came on the scene.
Dozens of police cars were parked on the south side of city hall.
Police hold the perimeter around city hall.
Police officers surrounded the scene while other searched the encampment.
Once anyone walked away, they could not get back in. Seems like the end for this encampment.