Crossword Kathy: Take a Break

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After working my day job and then rushing home to solve the puzzle and blog, it sure would be nice to “Take A Break.” How about a game of pool?

Care for a game of pool? (Click to enlarge.)

Care for a game of pool? (Click to enlarge.)

That’s the clever theme of today’s rectangle grid. The odd shape and triangular cluster of circles toward the bottom made it clear that this was more than just a crossword – it was a visual representation of a little R&R.

I first thought about pinball. Could the triangle in the middle symbolize some kind of bumper? Maybe there were hidden flippers on the side? And for a fleeting second… (Read the full post at Crossword Kathy: Take a Break)

New York Times crossword puzzle Dec. 29 / Constructed by Joel Fagliano

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