Maybe I belong here

Today marks 25 years since I first moved to Philadelphia.

I spent 17 at the Philadelphia Daily News, where I also found many of my best friends — and I might write a little bit more about that gig in a few days. (I basically got fired in less than a week.)

Most of us went on to study or teach at Temple University, where I have done both, joined the staff several years ago and adopted some exciting new responsibilities just last month. (It’s kind of a soft launch, but you’ll see.)

I’m also very proud of the nonprofit news project I managed for several years and the student radio program I advised for a few.

I left Philadelphia three times; to study at Michigan, to teach at Missouri and to cover the war in Iraq, but I have also chosen to return three times.

Somebody almost killed me here last summer and I once spent a week in a coma but the city has been pretty good to me overall.

I’ve loved living in several Center City neighborhoods and found the love of my life here too!

I wonder what the new 25 years will hold.