Philly Midnight Motorcycle Run for Peace

The Midnight Motorcycle Run for Peace kicked off from Philadelphia City Hall late friday night.

According to their Facebook page, the Midnight Run for Peace Committee is an organization of dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts — committed to stopping violence by riding through high crime locations throughout the city — as well as promoting motorcycle safety.

So far this year, Philadelphia has suffered 61 homicides, nine fewer than 2011′s year-to-date total but 17 more than in 2010.

#OccupyPhilly Monday: still standing past eviction deadline

I checked in on #OccupyPhilly this morning and found it smaller yet still present after yesterday’s eviction deadline. I counted roughly 40 active demonstrators, possibly a similar number of other residents, and slightly more police and old media than usual, but there wasn’t much going on. The veterans section appeared unchanged.

Video frame grabs: #OccupyPhilly arrests

I grabbed these images just after noon Sunday from the Global Revolution live stream.

They appear to show arrests taking place on the street outside the Philadelphia Police Administration Building, consistent with photojournalists Joe Kaczmarek‘s photos of a protest at the same location last night.

I live in Philly, covered the city for many years and can confirm that I saw familiar Philadelphia Police wagons, bicycles and uniforms – and the Police Administration Building – in the video. Police carried some of the demonstrators – who apparently refused to walk to police vans – but both sides seemed generally peaceful, at least as far as I could see via the video.

Now, 90 minutes later, I can’t find any news of the arrests on any Philly old media news sites. Not even a tweet.

Advancing content produced by an active participant in any story requires at least special attention to ethical journalism practices, but what choices so we have when nobody else delivers? Does waiting for police confirmation make any sense when they have been identified as the other party in the conflict? These are very interesting times.

Day 8: Morning rushes past #OccupyPhilly

I took another walk through #OccupyPhilly at Philadelphia City Hall this morning and found more tents sheltering protesters from the damp weather but couldn’t help but notice the lack of engagement between demonstrators and morning rush hour commuters. ©2011


TSA week in tweets and links

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