Twins train for Olympics, 1999

Twin brothers and boxers Rock and Tiger Allen work with their father and noted boxing trainer Naazim Richardson in Philadelphia in 1999. The pair had hoped to fight for the US during the 2000 Summer Olympics n Sydney.

Neighborhood fire, 2003

Neighborhood children cover their noses as smoke from a row home fire clouds their block in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia. The occupants escaped safely and the fire was brought under control short time later.

Marching for peace in Philadelphia, 2003

Demonstrators march down North Broad Street in Philadelphia in February 2003, voicing their objection to the impending war in Iraq. Police estimated that the crowd numbered 10,000 people.

I captured this image looking north from one of the upper floors of the former Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer building at 400 North Broad Street.

Metadata: Date: 02/15/03, Time: 12:33:11 p.m., Shutter speed: 1/2500, Aperture: 4.0, ISO: 800, Lens zoomed to: 175mm , Location: Philadelphia, PA, US , Slug: Street Level Philadelphia

5,844 Days

I found a web site that helped me calculate that the attacks of September 11th struck 5,844 days ago. I can still taste the dust.

Hurricane surf, 1986

First of all, it’s kind of a miracle that I have this image to share. It started as a color film negative that I shot in 1986 but then handed over to the Associated Press, who bought the picture. But editors had me make prints in their office and I kept a few imperfect copies,…