Remembering Chuck Berry

When Chuck Berry died last week, I was reminded of when I took the photo above; that time he played a concert outside my living room window in Columbia, Missouri. I also posted some video from the show on my Facebook profile and added this photo with a little more info on my archives blog. A…

Chuck Berry at Mizzou, 2009

I went off to teach journalism at the University of Missouri for a year in 2009 and I took a small apartment in downtown Columbia, upstairs from a florist and just a few blocks from the campus.

A week or so after I arrived, I awoke to find crews building a stage in the street almost directly in front of my place. And when I asked about it at the office, I learned there was an outdoor concert series and that Chuck Berry would be playing that night.

I took this photo from my living room window.

I had been a Chuck Berry fan since I found an old record when I was 15 and I still can’t believe this happened but I always I hoped I would get to see him again.

I shot video from my window when he played and sang Johnny B. Goode.

Chuck Berry was 82 years old at the time.

Watch for the duck walk!

NSYNC in Philadelphia, 2000

Fans of NSYNC overflowed the boy band’s appearance at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Gray’s Ferry section of Philadelphia in 2000. I hadn’t heard of the group when I got the assignment.