Military Mummers, 1998

Whenever I hear about those plans for a military parade I always think of this picture I took during a Philadelphia Mummers New Year’s Day Parade just over 20 years ago on South Broad Street in Center City.

There’s no caption info but the filename I used that day suggests this might be the Aqua String Band. The date indicates that I must have captured this image on film and scanned the negative.

Eagles Super Bowl Parade

I went out to take a look as the Eagles Super Bowl championship parade arrived at Philadelphia City Hall earlier this afternoon.

I had my pocket camera on a three-foot selfie stick so that I could view images and snap pictures through an iPhone app — but I could still barely see over the enormous crowd.

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Eagles fans celebrate

Throngs of Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrate on Broad Street in the Center City section of Philadelphia Sunday night after their team defeated the Minnesota Vikings to go to the Super Bowl.

Dirty bomb drill, 2006

Volunteers pause for pizza outside after portraying victims of a dirty bomb attack during a drill at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia in 2006. Several city hospitals participated in the drill, which simulated coordinated attacks on downtown train stations.

The image quality was rough because the subjects were standing in a shadowed area in early evening light and then I probably over-manipulated the file to optimize it for use in newsprint.

Frozen Philly

A fresh coat of snow covers the ground outside 30th Street Station in Philadelphia Thursday afternoon. Extremely cold temperatures are expected Friday.

Winter wreck, 2001

Philadelphia Fire Department medics and firefighters transport an injured person they rescued from an overturned van in Fairmount Park during a snowstorm in 2001. Weather can cause accidents and challenge first responders but it makes work very difficult for news photographers too.