Dirty bomb drill, 2006

Volunteers pause for pizza outside after portraying victims of a dirty bomb attack during a drill at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia in 2006. Several city hospitals participated in the drill, which simulated coordinated attacks on downtown train stations.

The image quality was rough because the subjects were standing in a shadowed area in early evening light and then I probably over-manipulated the file to optimize it for use in newsprint.

Oklahoma City Bombing

Twenty years ago today I was on my way to cover the Oklahoma City Bombing for the Philadelphia Daily News. Due to a wave of extreme weather sweeping across the US, I had to change planes in Atlanta and Dallas, and I didn’t¬†find myself close to the incident scene until shortly before dawn on the…

If we had Instagram on September 11th

If we had Instagram on September 11th, I might have shared this photo right about this time of day, when I got my first look, not long after the towers had collapsed. I will share a couple more photos tonight and tomorrow, on the hours I found myself deep inside the ruins.