Caught in the rain

Water from a sudden downpour pools in small boats outside the Independence Seaport Museum on the Delaware River in Philadelphia recently.

The museum’s Workshop on the Water is “dedicated to the skills and traditions of wooden boat building and sailing in the Delaware Valley and the New Jersey shore.”

Reflecting on Dilworth Park

I always have fun with the reflections when I stumble across Dilworth Park shortly after the fountains have been turned off, as I did earlier today. For a brief period, Philadelphia City Hall and the surrounding cityscape will reflect perfectly before the remaining thin coat of water drains away.

Total collapse, 2000

A Philadelphia firefighter sifts through the rubble of a building collapse in the Strawberry Mansion section of the city in 2000. Although there were initial reports of people trapped after the building fell onto a bus stop, no injuries were reported. During my years responding to breaking news, I found that abandoned buildings often collapsed…

Katrina survivors, 2005

More than 25,000 people who were evacuated from New Orleans and other areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina take shelter on cots laid out across the floor of the Astrodome in Houston in 2005. I volunteered to cover the disaster and was initially disappointed when I wasn’t sent to the epicenter of the destruction but I…

Downpour, 2005

Commuters dash thorough a downpour toward Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station in 2005. Covering the weather was a common assignment when I was a newspaper photographer and the east side of this train station yielded many photos over the years, for several reasons. There were always spots to drop my car, sheltered areas where I could take cover…

Flaky Friday

Enormous snowflakes fell over Philadelphia briefly last Friday and I grabbed this shot, which I distributed across my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. For some reason, the Twitter got a lot more attention, with more that 35,000 impressions by the end of the day. OK, those huge snowflakes falling on Philly a few minutes ago…

Snow squall on Broad Street, 2001

A rush-hour snow squall blasts pedestrians on South Broad Street near Philadelphia City Hall in February, 2001. When foul weather was approaching, I would often duck into one of the city hall portals to take pictures of the surrounding area with a 500mm lens. This was my last winter before switching from film to digital cameras.