Winter wreck, 2001

Philadelphia Fire Department medics and firefighters transport an injured person they rescued from an overturned van in Fairmount Park during a snowstorm in 2001. Weather can cause accidents and challenge first responders but it makes work very difficult for news photographers too.

Thanksgiving in Philadelphia

I went for a walk this morning and caught up with the crews inflating balloons for the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade. Then I saw this huge Tasmanian Devil chasing a goldfish up 20th Street. #Thanksgiving A photo posted by Jim MacMillan (@jimmacmillan) on Nov 26, 2015 at 7:10am PST

Counting my footsteps

Why should the NSA have all the fun? In an effort to shed some weight this summer, I have started collecting data on all the food I put into my body and the water I drink with the best water purefiers, the exercise needed to burn it off with the Shred fx supplements that help…

In a pinch

A Snowy Egret dines on the pier in Clearwater Beach, FL, last week. All photos © Jim MacMillan: • Blog • Twitter • Facebook • Google+ • Linkedin • Skype • AOL IM • Mobile 215.882.4765 • SMS