More Dilworth reflections

I have been having more fun lately with the reflections created just after they turn off the fountains on Dilworth Park, in front of Philadelphia City Hall: The Clothespin reflects in water left by the fountains on Dilworth Park at Philadelphia City Hall just now: A post shared by Jim MacMillan (@jimmacmillan) on Jul 29,…

Silhouettes, undated

An artist paints his canvas on a pedestrian bridge in the Fairmount neighborhood, not far from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The 37-foot William Penn statue stands atop Philadelphia City Hall in the distance. I have no idea when I took this picture but it was probably during the 1990s. I remember spotting the scene…

Reflecting on Dilworth Park

I always have fun with the reflections when I stumble across Dilworth Park shortly after the fountains have been turned off, as I did earlier today. For a brief period, Philadelphia City Hall and the surrounding cityscape will reflect perfectly before the remaining thin coat of water drains away.

Masked messengers, 2003

Two young women don vintage gas masks while waiting for a peace demonstration to kick off on Dilworth Plaza outside Philadelphia City Hall on March 20, 2003, the same day US forces invaded Iraq. I have covered a few violent demonstrations in Philadelphia over the years but I can’t recall police ever deploying tear gas…

Snow squall on Broad Street, 2001

A rush-hour snow squall blasts pedestrians on South Broad Street near Philadelphia City Hall in February, 2001. When foul weather was approaching, I would often duck into one of the city hall portals to take pictures of the surrounding area with a 500mm lens. This was my last winter before switching from film to digital cameras.

Die-in demo, 2007

Peace protesters stage a die-in at Philadelphia City Hall to demonstrate against US wars underway in 2007. During this period, I was grabbing still frames from video footage I was shooting while covering breaking news events. But I can’t find the video from this event.