Embedded in Iraq: 20 Years Later

subj: welcome wagon

subj: welcome wagon
posted by jim on may 06, 2004 at 08:01:38:
the flight into baghdad was full of flies and lunch was one slice of baloney on a bun. i passed, and i wondered how they get flight crews. the pilot spiraled down directly over the airport like a fighter jet. the room is better that i expected. my balcony has a nice view across the tigris and the green zone. this is good because any incoming will be coming from behind me. ha ha. the folks in the bureau are brilliant. and very likable. there was a car bomb at a green zone checkpoint before i got here. 5 or 6 killed. we heard an explosion while the staff was pointing out the sites to me from a balcony. two shooters dashed out but there were no injuries and little damage. can’t wait to get to work. jim

Update, 2024: This snuck up on me but it was 20 years ago today that I landed in Iraq. I kept a mailing list, kind of a closed blog for friends, and this is the first entry. I am thinking about posting them all throughout the year but I can’t decide it it’s worth it.

About: In 2004, I took a leave from my job at the old Philadelphia Daily News and spent next 12 months photographing the war in Iraq for the Associated Press. I shared my experiences with friends and family on a private mailing list and now I am posting my entries on the same dates 20 years later.